• Q: Can I cancel or get a refund for my digital product order?
    A: Digital product orders cannot be canceled or refunded once payment has been processed. For customers located in the UK/EU digital product orders cannot be canceled or refunded once the download has begun.

  • Q: How can I access my digital product order?
    A: Once your payment is processed at checkout you’ll receive a confirmation email as well as an additional digital download email. The digital download email will contain a link you can use to download the digital product you’ve ordered.
  • Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can download the digital product?
    A: Yes only umber of 15 times you can download the digital product using the link provided.
  • Q: What should I do if I didn’t receive a confirmation email and/or digital download email?
    A: First, please allow five minutes for the email to arrive and check your email spam box for the emails. If you still can’t find them, please contact admin@virtualshops.shop and confirm the name and email that should be associated with the order.
  • Q: I’m having trouble downloading or opening my digital product
    A: If you continue to have trouble, please contact admin@virtualshops.shop for assistance. 

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